July 26, 2017

Your Personal Connection to New York

Released: October 18, 2010

As the season changes, my mind always wanders to New York city. Maybe it's the thought of Central Park with leaves of orange, red and yellow or maybe it's the thought of the first snowfall in the big city. Whatever the pull, visiting New York or any city for that matter, for most, always consists of shopping, dining and seeing a new part of town.

Experiencing a city through the eyes of someone who has lived and breathed the city gives you a unique and new perspective.  My last trip to New York was a mere 24 hours in length but was the most memorable.  It was with my boyfriend (he had lived there for years) and I was lucky enough to see it through his eyes.  I experienced the city in a new way - his New York city with his passion.

But don't fret you too can have your own personal connection to New York city.  SHOPNYC Tours provide unique behind the scenes views of New York whether you want a stroll through trendy neighborhoods; to shop at the hippest boutiques; indulge at the best wine bar or all of the above.

SHOPNYC offers guided and self-guided tours.  Select from existing tours such as the Chic Boutique or Vintage Tour or create your own tour with the help of SHOPNYC - just tell them what experience you want.  Book a month in advance if you are looking for a guided tour. 

And not only can they save you time and effort, they provide 20% exclusive discounts in select insider boutiques - all this from the comfort of a limo (if this is the way you want to roll).

Each SHOPNYC Tour comes with:
A cupcake from a world-famous bakery
Limo transportation or subway crash course
Printed Shopping Guide
Pick up and drop off at your hotel
+ more with a luxury transportation tour

Tours start from $39 per person for a 3-hour tour

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