August 20, 2017


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Keeping all our girls in the know. What's a steam facial? We've all been to the spa and half way into our appointment comes this contraption that spews out steam. We are left under this machine for what seems like an eternity ( actually less than 5 minutes ) for the esthetician to come back and carry on.

But why a steam during our facial? Well, steaming has been around for ages, google or wikipedia it and see what you find. The benefits of steam are abound, from relaxation to detoxification to hydration. Haven't you ever noticed how alive your skin looks after a steam?

Well, this new company, ripe, has taken steaming up a notch. They've added good for you ingredients into a resealable pouch ripe, excuse the pun, for an at home spa. It's ingenious and quite simple.

They currently have 3 to choose from, anti-aging, oily and calm. We used anti-aging and here's our experience. We steamed, as per the directions, and actually forgot the pot on the stove ( turned off of course ) and went about our business. We left the house and came back to the most wonderful smelling house - we likened it to the realtors who bake cookies at an open house. The smell wafted through the entire house and got us in the mood to cocoon literally. An added bonus is that you can drain the water, which is now tea and drink! What you say? ripe uses natural ingredients so it's good for you. Yup, a cup of tea for internal antioxidant goodness and steam for external goodness.

As for our face, we noticed a plumper, more hydrated face and our skin looked healthy and clean.

ripe beauty is new company. They are Canadian and manufacture in Canada which we love. Their products are based on wellness and nature. They started with a steam facial and we hope they add to the list.