August 20, 2017


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The holidays are upon us and so is the stress. To say don't let the small stuff stress you would throw most of us in a tizzy. For each of us our stress is our own. From not having completed our shopping, to hosting the in-laws, to the guilt of not spending the holidays with family. All can be stressful events on their own but during this time of year they seemed to be compiled. So we say, stress be gone with these time savers and stress relievers.

Holiday Tizzy

Second day hair stressing you? Who has the time to wash their hair everyday during this hectic time? We don't. We reach for dry shampoo. For those unfamiliar with dry shampoo - they act to remove smell and oil from the hair. An added bonus, some actually reduce flyaways/ static hair during the winter.

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Chipped nails be gone. Gel polish available at your local drugstore or mass retailer is the only way to go this season. The trick to a long lasting polish is to ensure no oils are on the nails. Simply take alcohol and wipe each nail prior to gel application. CND Vinylux is currently on shelves with Essie's gel coming in January 2014.

Holiday Tizzy

Drugstore holiday shopping is not a bad thing. From a wide array of gift cards to small electronics and the latest cosmetics you'd be surprised at what you can find around the corner without hitting the malls.

A cure for what ails us holiday season may lie in a natural ingredient called Rhodiola rosea, also known as roseroot or golden root, a medicinal plant dating back to the 19th century. Recent studies have proven its ability to reduce stress, promote healthy energy levels, decrease anxiety and provide antioxidant benefits. “Rhodiola rosea’s adaptogenic properties work to curb the body’s stress response and effectively decrease cortisol spikes. Studies show improved physical and mental performance after a single dose,” says Alex Savva, Co-CEO of the cutting edge supplement company SD Pharmaceuticals. Savva recommends taking 200 mg of a high-quality supplement like RHODIOLA ROSEA 200™ daily to stay calm, cool and collected this holiday season.
Of course do not take anything without consulting with a medical professional

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