August 20, 2017


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It's almost that time of year, the holidays are almost upon us. The hustle and bustle of the season may send some of us scurrying back to the comfort of our homes. So to avoid the overwhelming-ness of the season, we've prepared our list and checked it twice to ensure we are ready for the holidays.

Holiday Beauty Checklist

The perfect red lipstick for all those occasions. Maybelline's newest 3 in 1, balm for wintery days, saturated colour for shocking lips and gloss for a little shine.

White teeth in no time. Of course we notice that our teeth are not so white when we are rushing out to an event. The tanda pearl starts working the first moment you start using it with results as quickly as 5 days with little to no sensitivity. Use the Gentle White if you are a first time user.

Holiday Beauty Checklist

Healthy skin begins with nutrients. Start with the inside out with Glisodin Advanced Anti-Aging formula. A power packed supplement with zinc to fight inflammation, vitamin D for skin cell metabolism and growth, Glisodin a source of superoxide dismutase which neutralizes free radicals as well as an anti-inflammatory. ( as with any supplement check with your MD )

Holiday Beauty Checklist

Get your hair strong and healthy. Start with the right hair system Fibre Force by Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure works to replace the missing keratin to fortify the hair. We noticed a change in our hair in 1 week. Our hair has never been softer.

Holiday Beauty Checklist

Whether at our desk or in our purse these little floss picks by Dentek are never far from reach. 4 mint flavoured varieties will leave your teeth super clean and free of pesky seeds, spices and or other food pieces. Our fave is the Xtra Clean.

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