August 20, 2017


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It's a beautiful, crisp ( aka cold ) day in Toronto. The yellow leaves contrast against the bright blue sky and with that and the daylight savings time we are heading into our hibernating season. Time to find extra daylight time which comes from skipping our routines. I know you are like me so I can say this to the world but that means finding shortcuts.

It's not opaque tights time.....

Fall Back

Admit it, because our legs are not exposed we may tend to neglect/forget/forgo/insert your excuse here, to shave our legs. Opague tights are our besties this time of year. Unfortunately, when snuggling up to our BF unshaved legs or other parts are just not attractive period. Head for the shelves and the newest form of inhibiting unwanted hair - inhibitif. This natural hair minimizer can be fit into your daily routine via deodorant, moisturizer with ease.

No more chips

We love to paint our nails weekly. Usually on a Sunday night before the start of the work week. But by day 2 chips occur especially with darker colours and of course we can't be seen with chipped nails. That's why we can't get enough of CND's latest Vinylux. Vinylux is a weekly polish that can last up to 10 days. And it goes on and completely dries in 8-10 minutes - so for those, like us, that paint their nails before bed there is no more dents or smudges in the am - Love!

Multi-purpose shower must have

Fall Back

Gaining valuable daylight time starts in the morning shower. To shave, cleanse and moisturize all in one helps us in and out of the shower helping us get out and get vitamin D lickity split! Cake's Inca Cleansing and Revitalizing Shower Oil is our one stop shower buddy. It helps to gently cleanse without SLS ( those drying surfactants ), provides slip for shaving and invigorates with orange peel scent - divine!

Shampoo less

Fall Back

Unless, you have wash and go hair, you're like us - having to dry and style our hair taking valuable time away from our daylight. Dry shampoo is a new category in North America and has seen much growth in the last year. Dry shampoo is not hair spray, it removes oil and smell from next day hair. Joico Instant Refresh.

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OPI Partners with Gwen Stefani

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