August 20, 2017


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When planning your big day... timing really does matter in regards to when you get engaged, book the venue and choose to have your wedding. Let me explain a little further...

Should your fiancé start looking to purchase an engagement ring, the right time to do it is in the fall – with Christmas just around the corner, just about everything goes on sale!

Time Is On Your Side When Planning A Wedding

Booking a venue with at least 16 months lead time, will avail the opportunity to do a much stronger negotiation, as well as secure the date of your choice. The best time to book a venue is typically in the fall for 2 summers out – ie. Book the venue in the Fall 2013, for the wedding of Summer 2015.

Just like booking a venue, the longer lead time you have with booking your vendors the better options are available. Especially with photography and décor, if you have specific vendors in mind, it makes the most sense to secure them immediately.

Time Is Everything When Planning A Wedding

Of course, weddings are seasonal and cyclical – to better understand the pricing differential, use the weather as your guide; the warmer it gets the most demand there is for the dates and vendors. The most affordable time of year is January to March, then April to May. Prices surely increase from June to September, and finally prices slope downwards towards October to December (with higher demand in December for those Christmas and New Years Eve Weddings).

When planning the purchase of your dress, look out for trunk shows of your favourite designers in the spring and fall, a savings of 10% to 25% can be achieved.

All in all, take the time to communicate with your partner and plan the path of least resistance.

Shannon DeSouza is founder and prime planner at and our wedding expert. Read Bio.

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