August 20, 2017


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Best anti-aging secrets; look younger; have more energy - read the headlines on all the covers of your favorite glossy magazines & self help books. Should we really be trying it all? What’s too much?

In the best of worlds, we would all be equipped with a tool box and owners manual “bespoke” for each and everyone of us. It would contain all the necessary tools to fight the signs of aging even the invisible ones. As one of my mentors often says “sometimes you need the big guns”.

Anti-aging is on my mind these days as I am sure it is with all of you, especially after spending pre-Oscar week in LA getting some celebs red carpet ready. I wonder, how can I actively slow down my aging process, diminish my fine lines and wrinkles, get back into shape & ultimately get more sleep all before I turn 40 in October and regardless of my crazy schedule and daily life?

During my time in Santa Barbara I was given the 20 Years Younger book, written by Bob Greene. As a best selling author, exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer specializing in fitness, metabolism and weight loss, Bob has plenty of expertise to share. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Arizona and is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise.

Bob has worked with Oprah Winfrey for more than 18 years and is perhaps best known as her personal fitness guru. Having read so many books on anti-aging, I thought, here we go...I was a little skeptical. He has become a leading expert in nutrition, fitness and weight loss and I now understand that after reading his book.

Staying young has to be attacked from all fronts.

In 20 Years Younger Bob explains the importance of global health and even explores telomeres (this will be discussed in a later article). Global health is something I am proponent about and cannot emphasize it enough. (It’s always nice to read like-minded views). To help us out, he gives recipes & menu recommendations along with exercises. This is where I love reiterating that attacking the aging process is a global one. It’s not just about the moisturizer you use, the foundation to camouflage or the face-lift you desire. Skincare, nutrition, sleep & exercise all work in synergy.

In the skincare realm one of the most important keys to fight the signs of aging is to maintain levels of skin hydration. We cannot emphasize it enough hydrated skin helps maintain the acid mantle. It’s your first barrier of defense, when working correctly skin has a healthy youthful vital glow. Most importantly it can defend it self. When not the skin looks fatigued and overtime redness appears. It’s also a great invitation for bacteria to settle in and infections can arise.

Hydrating your skin has to be done from the inside out. That means drinking water, and eating the right foods to help starve off dryness. Some examples are spinach, Omega -3 and berries. You want to avoid alcohol on the outside and on the inside!

Everyday we fight aging – here are a variety of elements that deplete our skin from moisture.

The weather - environmental damage causes havoc to the skin – especially climate changes.

Sun – too much of a good thing depletes the skin of hydration; it also breaks down collagen and elastin levers at a lower level invisible to the naked eye. However over the years the aging process is accelerated and sometimes irreversible.

Chronic skin conditions – eczema being one. However all inflammatory disorders disrupt the acid mantle. Once the acid mantle is impaired things go wrong.

Over cleansing – so many do this. Just a few blemishes and its cleansing overload. Especially when using soaps, it strips all the natural moisture away. This is true for the face and body.

Over exfoliating- know when and how to exfoliate. I recommend you ask your skin expert for treatment protocol. Too much can cause damage.

Harsh ingredients – sometimes trying newer stronger ingredients is not better. Products and ingredients need to be used in their truest form. More and more now we recommend reading labels. It’s not about what’s in the product but also what’s not in it. The cleaner the better.

Natural aging process – we are all born with a genetic predisposition. The goal is to delay the aging process gracefully.

Lack of Sleep – lack of sleep causes the skin to look dull, lifeless and will be more reactive.

At any age, when skin is hydrated it can exude youthfulness. It will help keep redness at bay, and actually help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Even the most sensitive skins will benefit.

Once this first step is taken your skin will be more readily able to handle any of the bigger guns you may want to try – from fillers to surgery.

After all it really is all about saving one skin at a time.

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