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January 21, 2013

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The weekend usually see us sitting around a cafe table with our girlfriends sipping a macchiato misto. The conversation transitions from how the morning run went, to everyone's plans for the weekend, to the hottest restaurant and inevitably ends up with someone asking for beauty advice. Just recently the conversation turned to hair and "when to know to leave your hairstylist".

We've all been in this position. Not happy with the current state of our hair but feeling obliged to stay with our hairstylist as he is located close to us, or we can't muster up the courage to leave or fill in your reason here _______. Understanding it is a very hard decision for most we tapped Luis Pacheco, colour savant and founder of Hair on the Avenue, and his team for the top 5 signs for knowing when it is time to leave your hairstylist's chair:

1. Lack of communication: when it seems your hairstylist is no longer 'listening' to your requests and doing as they please.

2. Outdated: Your stylist should suggest changing things up at least once a year to keep your look current- unless your desire lies in keeping things as they are.

3. Hair health: If there is a noticeable difference in your hair's health and there are no natural causes to blame, it might be time to 'pack your bags'; your hair's health is the number one priority.

4. Everyone's the same: If you share the same stylist as your friends and family and you all share a similar look, consider your options limited.

5. No more compliments: The biggest indicator: If the number of compliments you receive have gone from plentiful to scarce, you know its time.

Share with us when you knew it was time to leave your hairstylist.

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  • Karen | Monday Jan 21, 2013 08:01 AM Reply
    I knew it was time when my hairdresser/owner of the salon said to me "if I had client's like you I'd be out of business". He was referring to me only visiting him 3 times a year - I have long hair.
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